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SnakeEscape is an industry-leading solution in the social service industry, especially in the area of Domestic Violence (DV). Our mission is to safely and inconspicuously connect domestic violence victims with support services in a time where their abusers are constantly present. 

What is SnakeEscape?

SnakeEscape is a dynamic smartphone application (available on Android and iOS) that tactfully hides and reveals its innovative features to DV perpetrators and victims, respectively. This allows victims to use SnakeEscape even in the presence of their violent family members, under the guise of the classic arcade game, Snake.

SnakeEscape builds upon existing solutions and pilot user feedback in a bid to achieve an inclusive user-centred design philosophy.

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Meet The Team

We are an international Agile team based in 3 different countries - Australia, China, and Singapore - with a passion for social causes. Our diverse and multicultural make-up perfectly positions us to empathise and craft a service that is compatible with a wider group of target users.

Xiaohan Zhu

Web Designer

Xiaohan Zhu is a second year student at UTS. He likes programming, reading and watching movies.


Xiongbin Ke

Content Creator

Xiongbin Ke is a UTS student who likes sports and video games.


Zhi Cheng Lim

Executive Project Manager and Data Engineer

Zhi Cheng is a second year Communication student at the University of Technology Sydney who is passionate about social causes. His hobbies are watching sports, eating, and travelling.


George Stent

Content Planner and Quality Assurance Officer

George is a final year student at UTS who is keen to utilize the skills learnt at University for progressing social causes. Causes that he is particularly passionate about include domestic violence policy reform and the unjust detention of asylum seekers.


Caroline Gunning

Executive Project Manager and Data Engineer

Caroline is a final year student at UTS who is an advocate for social change and equality. She uses skills learnt at University to challenge the status quo and instigate change.


Jiayu Wang

App designer and UX Specialist

Jiayu Wang is a final year communication student at the UTS. Her major is digital and social media.

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